Sunday, 27 July 2014

Part 02 : The night of celebrations...

          The smile on her face said it all. Kate was glooming with happiness, the one that comes from within, the one which is not materialistic in nature. Someone said it right, “The aura of success can only be felt, if you have the right company to share the victory”. The plight was a complete surprise to her but things fell in a way she always aspired.
          Her thoughts took her to the wistful memories while she went to the kitchen to get him a drink. It was Ben whom she had met years ago at a ceremony. The apathy towards the ceremony had got them talking. She never knew what was imminent. But that day, she just loved talking to him.Ben was still looking around the house, until a diary caught his attention. He called out from the room, “What is this diary about?” They both walked up to  the dining table to revisit some old memories. “This diary has secrets about me!” Kate exclaimed with an artful smile. The conversations then took them back to the era where their bond emerged out of the blue.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Part 01 : At times, the person matters not the situation!

            It was a usual day for her, while she returned from office and sipped her tea. As she organised the pile of notes to finish the research work that she was working on, there was a sudden ring at the door. She wondered for a moment as to who it could be at this hour! It was 8 in the evening, she generally never had anyone visit her at this hour of the day, without informing her. She walked up to the door to check who it was.
          “Hey, how have you been?” said a voice which she had been longing to hear. She looked up to him, continued to stare as she wasn’t expecting to see him ever.  To cut the silence that her thoughts built up, he uttered, “May I come in?”