Friday, 18 July 2014

Part 01 : At times, the person matters not the situation!

            It was a usual day for her, while she returned from office and sipped her tea. As she organised the pile of notes to finish the research work that she was working on, there was a sudden ring at the door. She wondered for a moment as to who it could be at this hour! It was 8 in the evening, she generally never had anyone visit her at this hour of the day, without informing her. She walked up to the door to check who it was.
          “Hey, how have you been?” said a voice which she had been longing to hear. She looked up to him, continued to stare as she wasn’t expecting to see him ever.  To cut the silence that her thoughts built up, he uttered, “May I come in?”
          “Yes, sure”, she said, with a smile that had mixed feelings of surprise and happiness. She was gushing with emotions, as she never thought of this moment  coming true. It seemed like a dream to her which would disappear within a split of a second.
          He realized the rush of excitement in her eyes. Hence approached to hug her, just to tell her it is real. The hug blew some life into her as she tucked herself into his arms. “I can’t believe you are here”, she mumbled in his arms. He too, was feeling lucky to have this moment back.
          It was a strong bond of friendship that they shared, until a nightmare forced them to part their ways out. The bond was too strong to back down as he knew her to bits and pieces. Her dreams, her aspirations, her fears, her feelings, just about everything that could make her or break her!
          “I am proud of you”, he whispered in her ears following it with a kiss on her forehead. Tears of happiness rolled off her eyes, when she heard those words. That moment was way too precious for her. He knew it all.
          “Come, Let me show you the memories i have stored!” she dragged him by his hand. She showed him every corner of the house. She spoke of every little element that she had preserved and nurtured. He was happy to hear the excitement that she had achieved what she always wished for.
          Lastly, she took him to that wall of her house which would always be her strength. The wall of pictures! She preserved every special memory by sticking pictures on the wall. The pictures brought back every little memory of the time they spent together.  She told him about every picture that she had clinged there .
          But her explanations seem to be centric only to her. There was no mention of friends or people that he did not know of. He sensed the fake smile that she carried. He held her hand, while both stood staring before the wall of pictures and said, “Let’s celebrate!”
          She looked back to him with astonishment. A smile crossed her face making her feel the value of her success and achievements. She enjoyed the taste of success because he showed her the worth, and celebrated it with her!


  1. Good start... Builds up the suspense to the visitor's identity ....