Sunday, 27 July 2014

Part 02 : The night of celebrations...

          The smile on her face said it all. Kate was glooming with happiness, the one that comes from within, the one which is not materialistic in nature. Someone said it right, “The aura of success can only be felt, if you have the right company to share the victory”. The plight was a complete surprise to her but things fell in a way she always aspired.
          Her thoughts took her to the wistful memories while she went to the kitchen to get him a drink. It was Ben whom she had met years ago at a ceremony. The apathy towards the ceremony had got them talking. She never knew what was imminent. But that day, she just loved talking to him.Ben was still looking around the house, until a diary caught his attention. He called out from the room, “What is this diary about?” They both walked up to  the dining table to revisit some old memories. “This diary has secrets about me!” Kate exclaimed with an artful smile. The conversations then took them back to the era where their bond emerged out of the blue.
          Kate and Ben had become soul mates after the ceremony. Their bond had transpired as a blessing to Kate as she was very selective when it came talking to people. Kate never had a social life, she loved being lost in the world of her books and thoughts. Until a day when she encountered Ben at the library she visited regularly. It was co-incidence that had a lot of surprises in store for her. She felt a little awkward while this new friendship was being born but enjoyed it too, as it was something she never experienced. Ben had approached her at the library and their conversations headed back to the ceremony that they had attended months ago.
          Kate felt this new warmth of tenderness as her friendship just went sound with Ben. She never enjoyed the company of boys but Ben’s talks would get her feelings to surface, she learnt to express herself with him. Ben enjoyed talking to her as she was not nagging like the other girls he had met. That’s where their bond of friendship began. They discovered a kind of friendship where they could talk anything and laugh over it a few minutes later.
          Ben was engaged in reading the diary while she sipped her drink and stared at him. She had missed Ben deeply. She felt the kid in her surface back with the startling company of  Ben.
“There’s a beach on the back road right ?” Ben questioned with curiosity .“Yes, there is one.”, her voice was calm and peaceful. He knew how she loved to be by the shore and talk her heart out. He wanted to listen to the feelings she experienced while he was away for a while. He wanted to live over those old ways that brought them happiness. 

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