Sunday, 31 August 2014

Part 03 : He knew, she won't deny him.

The diary was intriguing enough but he wanted to hear it from her and that was only possible by the shore. He knew that the beach would tranquil her thoughts and allow them to flow easily, hence Ben convinced her for a walk at the beach.
Kate was not in a mood to change for the walk as over years she had grown closer to the messy look, with her hippy dresses. She had made herself comfortable with roaming out in her pyjamas, chappals, her hair tied up in a bun. Ben was blown to see this drastic change in her, as with him she dressed up like a lady with perfect combinations of attire and jewelry.
“You aren’t coming out with me in these pyjamas ! Dress up like you used to.” , his voice had an ordering tone. For that moment, Kate was not keen enough on dressing up but she knew she could not deny Ben. “Ummm... as you say so.”, she replied calmly, agreeing to dress up. She walked to her closet, all confused in her thoughts on what she should wear. To avoid the uncertainty she asked Ben to choose the dress.
Knowing the fact that she won’t deny his choices, he took an edge and picked up one of the sexy dress from her wardrobe. He also picked up matching jewellery and a pair of heels. Kate stood behind watching him choose, she was stunned with his choice.
“Are you taking me on a date or just the beach ?”, Kate questioned with curiosity as the dress was one of her favorites, that she had refused to wear all this while. “You asked me to choose, I did my job.”, Ben replied with devious smile, his eyes filled with excitement to see her dress up in his choice of dress.
Ben went back to the diary while she dressed up for the beach. He was still hunting down reasons to understand the massive change in her. The beach would just surface it all as it was her best escape to all of her emotions. It was after thirty minutes Kate walked out of the room all decked up, looking like an angel. She looked mesmerizing. Ben was happy to see her that way.
“Now I can see my cute little friend.”, Ben exclaimed looking into her eyes and cherishing the beauty in her eyes. Kate had to doll up as she never had the will to deny him. Ben gave her a hug whispering to her, how elegant she was looking. Kate also loved those moments of appreciation as that gave her the impulse to act like a lady.
They both headed to the car parked downstairs and left for the beach. Ben had planned a special dinner for her at the beach, hence was keen on her getting all the special care and moments that her diary would love to know. 

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