Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Part 04 : Little things Kate enjoyed in his company

While they walked toward the car, Ben held her hand to make sure she would not trip over her heels realizing the  fact that she was wearing them after a long time. He opened the car door for her and settled to the driver’s seat. Before he started the engine, he questioned Kate, “What are you expecting?”
Kate was excited but was not expecting anything. “Because it is you, I am sure there is something special happening. Otherwise I am not really expecting things!” Ben did not counter question her at that moment and drove toward the beach.
While he drove carefully, he made it a point to look at the emotions that divulged on her face. Kate simply stared outside at the little things that passed by. The dog running across the road, the kids playing on the footpath, the cars overtaking them, the bikes sliding into little spaces and moving ahead. She was enjoying the quiet ride, admiring the vivacity outside.
It was after a very long time someone was driving her to her favorite place. Just then Ben held her hand, asked her whether she was alive and winked a smile at her. He was mischievous and teased her all the time, and that made her content.  But she did not have an answer for that, she was alive but may be not living that is what her thoughts told her.  She avoided the thoughts that reminded her of those things that haunted her and choose to enjoy what Ben had been planning for her. “Now that you are here, I have to be alive. Do I have a choice?” Kate tried to add to the mischief.
“Hahaha! You little naughty girl, I am sure you going to enjoy this.”, Ben sounded a little playful. Ben wanted her to live the way she was, he wanted her to stay happy with stuff that she enjoyed doing, little did he know that the rejection from people had made her live alone as people got disappointed of  her too soon. Kate wanted to avoid telling all of this to him as she had outgrown those feelings of joy and togetherness. She had found beauty in solitary but when it came to Ben, it was all about being with him and enjoying with him.
Of the things he read in the diary, it was not her choice to be alone. Ben was still keen on revamping the friendship because this girl had a lot of talent that her emotional sickness just ruined every time. Ben knew this from day 1 of their friendship, which is what made him believe that she need emotional support to win the world out there. Just a positive word and she would be in the happy world. It was not material happiness that appealed her, Ben loved this quality of her.
Ben drove into the hotel entrance, gave the car keys to the valet and held her from her shoulder. “Are you ready Miss?”, Kate smiled when Ben asked her this, and returned “Always awaited your company!” 

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