Saturday, 7 February 2015

Part 05 : Babbling by the beach...

The table was booked, the night was set. Ben was more curious than excited to know what had happened to her. When they reached the table, he asked Kate to call for something to drink. “I will have a Kingfisher Beer Mild, what about you, Ben ?”, Kate said looking at the menu card. Listening to this, Ben widened his eyes in shock because this was the same girl who was against alcohol and never keen on having it or letting others have in her company. 
Kate scanned his expressions, looked back at the menu card and uttered, “Yes, I know you are shocked! Some things in life change you too much", she said while she shut the menu card and kept it aside. She looked at the flowered candles on the table as the flame reflected through her eye, it was,for Ben, a perfect moment to stare at her.

All this just made Ben more curious to know what had happened, why she was so different from the time he had left her. But her eyes stopped Ben from questioning about all these. The pain just transpired through her eyes that were shining with the flame of the candle. And then, with immense courage, Ben asked, “So you still haven’t got over the habit of writing diaries, Huh?” Kate smiled, recollecting all the possible ways Ben would try to stop her from writing every little thing in the diary, then replied,“No I haven’t because you were not there to stop me from doing so.” So do I get to read them or listen to those mystic stories hidden in those diaries, Ben asked. Kate smiled at his curiosity and gave him the permission to do as he wants because she knew that narrating those will be difficult for her. Which is why she said that if he read it then it would be easy for both. “Okay! Give me some glimpse of it atleast, like what all is there in it?”, Ben questioned again while she ordered the main course. Keeping the menu aside she began talking, “Well, a lot of things. Times when people were wrong about me, things that made me happy, things that people could not know about me, things that I had the urge to tell someone but never had the right person to share it with. Almost all the feelings : Happiness, loneliness, togetherness, anger, frustration, love, dreams, aspirations and my crushes ofcourse. Ben was happy to see her talk because it was a rare sight when she would really talk her deepest feelings. “Crushes! Then I am definitely going to read it all.”, Ben said mischievously while the food arrived and they began to eat and he drifted the topic again. Kate was blushing with happiness, that moment divulged her into her happy high phase as she enjoyed every bit of the company and the beach. Yes, that is what Ben meant to her. A soulmate, who was long lost until he surprising turned up before her. Post dinner, they walked over the beach just enjoying each other’s silence. Kate was calm as the water that day, no confusions, no frustrations, no insane thoughts. Just quiet, serene, gazing at the moonlight and smiling all by herself. This is how always Ben had seen her. She was someone whom people would never know. A while later, he pulled her closer and hugged her under her favorite stars. He knew, if there was something that she wanted or craved for then it was just a mere loveable HUG...

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